1st AusBIG Conference 2014 - Malene Alexandrowiz
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AusBIG’s aims are to raise awareness of the complexity of safe and dignified physical management of the person with  obesity who has bariatric needs.

AusBIG's objectives are to safely and effectively manage the obese person with bariatric needs by:

• Raising the awareness of safe planning of the journey throughout the healthcare system for the person with obesity who has bariatric needs
  •   Simplifying the process by which hospitals acquire suitable bariatric equipment
    • Raising the awareness of the services available for transporting people with obesity having bariatric needs
    • Promoting the development of suitable hospital facilities
    • Asking AusBIG members for help in challenging situations through the on-line forum

AusBIG Membership

Membership is open to professionals involved in the many area of care of the person with obesity who has bariatric needs.

When you join the Australian Bariatric Innovations Group you become a member of a community of professionals dedicated to improving the physical management and care of the person with obesity who has bariatric needs.

Membership is a small investment with big rewards.

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Here are just some of the benefits you will receive as a member of AusBIG
  • An interactive website with "members only" access
  • Sharing of case studies - offering an insight into overcoming amazing hurdles
  • Newsletter
  • Notification of AusBIG meetings - flyers
  • Posted past meetings
  • Bariatric conferences and events - state, national and international
  • General bariatric information
  • Networking and sharing knowledge with colleagues via the website and meetings
  • Advocacy for increased funding for - room design, bariatric equipment and transporting of the person with obesity who has bariatric needs
  • Leadership and networking opportunities in your field
Australasian Bariatric Innovations Group (AusBIG)


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